Food Trucks + 39 Weeks

Today marks 39 weeks of pregnancy.  How has it gone so fast?   We are getting a little anxious around here, knowing that d-day could be tomorrow or it could be 3+ weeks from now.  I wish there was a set time when labor started for every mother- that would be so nice, right?

Tonight we went to a Food Truck Rally at City Hall in Meridian.  I love how the Boise area is getting such a food truck scene!  It was a great time- I tried Mad Mac’s for some good old fashioned comfort food,  mac n cheese.  Since it was so chilly and windy out, we just had to stop for hot cocoa afterwards! bump style, 38 weeks, 38 weeks pregnant, pregnancy, pregnant  
 food truck, food truck rally, boise, idaho, food truck, street food 
Have a great weekend! 




Food Trucks + Bump Update

Tonight we had a fun evening out with some friends to a Food Truck Rally in Meridian at City Hall.  Boise has quite the food truck scene now- I’m so excited about it!  It was pretty chilly and windy out so we just had to stop for hot cocoa afterwards.

Today marked 38 weeks of pregnancy- I can’t believe it has gone so fast!  The waiting game is making me quite anxious though.  I know that D-Day can come anytime or it can leave us waiting up to 4 weeks!  I wish pregnancy was all black and white, you know?  Like there was an exact day when labor would start for every mother.  That would be nice, right? 

38 weeks pregnant, bump style, 38 weeks, pregnancy, bump picture   food truck rally, boise, idaho, food truck, street food    

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Fadedology: Farm House Decor

 I get my love of shopping from my mother.  If it’s hereditary I can’t change my ways, right?  So everytime we are together, we have to make some time to go shopping together.  Even if it’s just a few hours in the afternoon squished in between other activities like it was this time!  But that’s all we needed for our “fix”.  Mom took me to the cutest little store in Downtown New Braunfels called Fadedology– it reminded me so much of Joanna Gaines’ style on my favorite HGTV show, Fixer Upper!  I wanted to take everything home in my suitcase.  Good thing I don’t have room or I would be headed back to Idaho dirt poor and probably with a very angry husband.  New Braunfels shopping, Fadedology, Farm House Decor  
New Braunfels shopping, Fadedology, Farm House Decor  New Braunfels shopping, Fadedology, Farm House Decor  
New Braunfels shopping, Fadedology, Farm House Decor   
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New Site

Hello everyone!

I haven’t technically moved, as my web address is still, but I did switch over to a self hosted site (big, fun, exciting changes will be revealed soon!).  This means my posts will no longer be sent out to anyone who subscribed to this site- I’m sorry!  If you would like to still follow along, please head on over to the new site and you will find the subscribe section on the right side bar.   Or, if you don’t want to go through the hassle, email me at lananewman (at) me (dot) com and just let me know you want to subscribe- I will get it all set up!

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Thank you all so much for your support here at the blog.  I appreciate you all!



Gone to the Dogs

On Wednesdays I usually post about my journey with intermittent fasting or healthy recipes and tips, but today that just isn’t realistic.  We are celebrating a co-workers birthday at work with the 30th Anniversary cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory and I have a lunch date with Chase since he is working nights so we are like ships passing in the night these days.  I am allowing myself a cheat day this week!


So today I am going to formally introduce Max to the blog.  He is our “middle aged” golden retriever- we aren’t too sure how old he is, as he was a rescue dog.  Max was a stud dog at a breeder in Maricopa, Arizona and wasn’t treated very well.  He ran away from home and was found with fur all matted and with a harness that was many sizes too small by Chase’s cousin, Andrea, who lived nearby.  She called the breeder and they said to just keep him (can you imagine?!)  Andrea had just had a baby girl and realized it was a lot to take on both a big, new dog and a little tot!  So, we got a call and were asked how we felt about a golden.  Since we had driven down to Arizona to visit family, we picked him up on our way home and have been happy golden parents ever since!
This morning, the poor ol’ dog woke up with quite a limp.  I still don’t know what is wrong, but he played with his friend Abby for many hours last night so maybe he just wore it out (and they did end up in the mud somehow so maybe that has something to do with it?)  We soaked his paw in warm soapy water and are giving him lots of lovings! So since we are on the topics of the four legged family members, I figured I would put together a little list of essentials that we have around our place to have a happy and styling pup.

 Dog Essentials


Our Dog Essentials:
1. and 2.  A matching collar and leash- no, this isn’t a necessity but it makes walking/running with the dog a little more stylish.  Think of it as the pup’s outfit!  The sets shown are 1. Brooks Brothers Signature Tartan Collection Collar and Leash, and 2. Graphic Image Inc. Personalized Collection Collar and Leash.

3.  Toys!  Of course.  If you follow me on Insta, I posted a picture a few weeks ago of Max in the backyard laying around with all his toys- he has SO MANY!  But I like that he has something to keep him preoccupied when when are away.   Shown are the Squeak and Chic Dog Chew Toy by Henri Bendel,  Nylabone Dura Chew Plus Bacon Bone, and the Mini Hol-ee Chew Ball.

4.  Dog dish set- obviously they have to eat, so why not find a little matching food and water set?  I loved this Henri Bendel Dog Bone Bowl.
5.  Fluffy dog bed- we have tile floors throughout most of our house now since our renovation so the poor pup doesn’t have a lot of comfy places to lay.  A soft bed is a must!  The bed shown is the Henri Bendel Sleeping in Stripes Dog Bed.  (Can you tell I really love the Henri Bendel Dog accessories?)

So now I have officially made it clear I am that crazy dog lady!  I hope you enjoyed meeting Max today.



Weekly Review: Coachella, More Waffles, and a Music Video

This week I have enjoyed:

+ a slow morning with hubby before he had to fly away to Cali (we made our usual- waffles and sausage or bacon.  Please don’t judge the amount of butter I use on my waffles!) 

+ talking Coachella style at Trois Chic.  I love all of the flowy bohemian dresses!  Here was my inspiration:



+ a recipe for a Spring Salad on Vogue- I found it after I posted my go to salad equation and am thinking I may need to give it a try!  The recipe is from April Broomfield’s book, A Girl and Her Greens: Hearty Meals from the Garden.  Sounds like a great cookbook!

+ this song by Billy Currington:

Have a great weekend!



Nest Tour: A Chic and Colorful Tennessee Home

I found this tour of Kathy and Matt’s home on Apartment Therapy.  Kathy is a blogger at My Interior Life and has her own design business, so of course this home is styled to a T!  Honestly, I’m not quite sure if it was the glamour, the color, or the golden retrievers that drew me to the design- or maybe it was a combination of all three.  Because any home with a golden is my type of home!  But in all seriousness, Kathy’s use of color on the walls is real cool.  The main level is quite neutral as well as the master suite, but the other bedrooms and bathrooms all have a pop of paint.  The office and bathroom share a black wall color, which is so rich and glamourous.  Her daughter’s room is a robin egg blue and son’s room is a fresh kelly green- so fun!

bedroom4 bedroom3_1 office bathroom_1 bedroom2 living2 living7 living5 entry4 kitchen dining3

All photos are from here

Shop this look: (click photo for purchasing info)

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      3025c6e65bb58bdf88411e09d6aae6df_best    3beb10b861ed9ec730065401a60901cb_best  faux fur throw

What was your favorite part of the home?